Susan Mead

Susan Mead



With over 2 million airline miles under her belt, an MBA hanging on the wall and two Christian Literary Awards on a shelf, Susan shares her expert teachings on business, grief, writing and relationships. A master storyteller, Susan leaves audiences motivated to live a life free of regrets.

As a seasoned negotiator, she is regularly called upon by business professionals for her expertise in overseeing corporate contracts. Having served as the Business Director of a billion-dollar business unit, negotiated mutually beneficial agreements in excess of $57 million annually, and earned the prestigious Circle of Excellence award multiple times, she has a proven track record of success.

Whether speaking to business professionals, women’s conferences, industry leaders or writer’s workshops, Susan’s insightful wisdom inspires audiences, empowering them to make healthy mental u-turns.


Having lost a son, a beloved sister, her dream and peace, Susan’s mission is to help others rebound from personal loss, trauma or difficult seasons in life.

In her vibrant up-close-and-personal style, Susan freely shares how her encounters with God, in the midst of gut-wrenching grief, led her to a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him.

Her message is simple, yet profound, A moment in time does not define you, yet how you respond to it does.”


After Susan lost her youngest son, Kyle, she came to realize that even when things get broken, discarded or replaced, people matter most. It was during this season in life Dance with Jesus was written.

Dance with Jesus became a metaphor for discovering joy and has become a source of inspiration helping thousands discover life in the midst of their darkest moments.


Funny, relatable and engaging, Susan has audiences leaning in with anticipation. Her story is riveting, a refreshing tragedy to triumph story, one guaranteed to touch the heart of every listener.


As the founder of both “Dance With Jesus Ministries” and “His Girls Gather,” Susan has dedicated her life to helping others find calm in the chaos of life. Her goal is to equip others to be free from the drive for perfection and control.

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